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Electronic Court Filing for Riverside County, California. Make sure that you file your papers the right way by using CourtFiling.net.

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The team at CourtFiling.net wanted to make eFiling easy and user-friendly for legal support professionals, law firms, and private individuals in Riverside County, California.

Riverside County eFiling

CourtFiling.net pairs with Riverside County, CA court system to file your legal paperwork directly into their system - all without having to visit the courthouse or navigate confusing court websites.

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*Please note that the Riverside County Clerk is not affiliated with CourtFiling.net.


What is CourtFiling.net?

CourtFiling.net is an electronic court filing platform that allows you to digitally submit your legal paperwork into the California court system.

What are CourtFiling.net features?

CourtFiling.net can convert your documents into PDFs (the required format), provide detailed reports, case summaries, and file-stamped documents on top of electronically filing your paperwork. CourtFiling.net has a clean dashboard where you can see an overview of the status of your documents.

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